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Stuart Penny worked as a musician, singer-songwriter and Christian Communicator from 1975 to 1997. During this time he contributed guitar and vocals to albums by others and recorded four albums of his own. On this site you can listen to his complete albums and/or a Compilation Selection made from them.

Not all of the songs Stuart wrote over the years found their way onto commercially produced albums. In the Unplugged Recordings section you can hear some of these in home recorded 'Unplugged' versions.

Free to download manuscript music and chord sheets for many of his songs can also be found here.

Like many other song writers Stuart also writes poetry. You can explore both song lyrics and some poems in the Lyrics and Poems section.

"Stuart Penny Tomorrow Music" is the publishing and copy-write name for Stuart's work.

His work is registered with PRS, MCPS and CCLI

Stuart Penny Tomorrow Music
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